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  The Bats Don’t Have A Bedtime  available on    Amazon .

The Bats Don’t Have A Bedtime available on Amazon.

Health isn’t just for adults. Lionsmane Kids seeks to make a parent’s job easier and instill healthy habits in their children so that they grow up living a life of optimal wellness.

Raising a child takes a village so we offer support and resources to make your job as a parent easier.

The Bats Don’t Have A Bedtime is a relatable picture book that teaches the kids the importance of sleep so they can make healthy choices for themselves. Follow Will the lion cub and his best friend Camden on their adventure that is an ideal bedtime story. Available on Amazon.

Lionsmane Kids offers a variety of group courses for older kids as they are learning to take responsibility for their own well-being. From transitioning to new schools, focusing on dealing with peer and societal pressures, and general health we are here to support you. The Healthy Foundations program provides teens an opportunity to openly discuss these topics and how they affect them in a confidential manner so they can feel like their voice matters.