The Coaching Process

What is the Coaching Process?

Creating a Vision

Coaches recognize that each client is an individual and that the issues, concerns and emotions that affect that person's health and wellness are unique. They deeply respect their clients and believe in their capacity to make lasting change.

Developing a Partnership

A coaching partnership develops out of genuine concern and a profound respect for each client. The coach and client act as a team working towards a common goal: the client's optimal health and well being. 

Creating Focus

In partnership, the client and coach work together with one focus and one action step at a time. The client will always be the one who chooses the focus for change and decides how to best put it into action.

Establishing Goals

Though a client always chooses the focus for change, coaches help clients to develop long and short-term goals they can be confident in achieving. Together they create success oriented plan for a clients' real life. 

Setting up Accountability

Establishing accountability is an important part of the change process. Coaches help to establish this accountability, but once action has begun, the coach helps a client assess that action and determine if any further action is needed. 

Measuring Successes

Coaches help their client create a plan for a change that is geared to the client's values and greatest chance for success. Together they address lessons learned and successes, but the client themselves determines the lessons learned, acknowledge successes and determine what further actions to take.