What is integrative health coaching?

Working directly with an Integrative Health Coach is a powerful asset to achieving one’s health and wellness goals. Much like a fitness coach, an integrative health coach works in partnership with clients to achieve specific goals.  Where it differs is that while a fitness coach is the expert in ways to become athletically fit, in integrative health coaching, the client is the expert.

Throughout sessions coaches use techniques such as active listening, reflection, questioning, and brainstorming to help their clients bring their desires into focus.  Its that focus that allows clients to identify small, attainable steps that can help them make significant progress towards their health and wellness goals.

When working in partnership with an Integrative Health Coach, clients can focus on those things that will bring them a true enhanced quality of life.  Health Coaching is not therapy, and coaches do not typically give advice, but instead allow for the space needed to assess, set, and accomplish various personal and professional goals.

While discussions are led by the coach, this is a client-driven process at its core.  In the coach-client partnership, clients determine the focus and decide what success looks like for them.  Coaches give clients the structure and encouragement to make progress happen, but the clients themselves are always responsible for obtaining and maintaining the life they desire.  Sessions are comfortable conversations that can challenge and empower clients to have a more mindful life.

Begin your journey towards the life of wellness you have always dreamed of today.

eetings feel much like a conversation with a friend, but since feedback is authentically objective and offered with the intent of providing clarity for change, clients gain a clearer understanding of what they need to do and how to make it happen.  It is this comfortable and nonjudgmental environment that enables clients to feel in control of their progress and leaves them with a feeling of being heard and empowered to make change happen. Coaches deeply respect and believe in their clients.  They have a true understanding that we all have the ability to make the right decisions for ourselves and the ability to make change a reality.

Meetings can be in person or via phone. Often, introductory coaching sessions are offered at a discount, as is the case with Lionsmane Coaching.  This allows people the opportunity to see if this coaching relationship is right for them.

Laurel Walther