The mission at WeLM, Inc. (to help small business owners grow their business in powerful and authentic ways) has not changed, but rather expanded. Beginning September 1, 2017 Lionsmane Coaching & Consulting will now offer Personal, Professional, and Business Coaching with an emphasis on balance and sustainability for those looking to have a business or career that is authentic to who they are.

While I loved working collaboratively with our clients and the WeLM, Inc. team to create marketing deliverables, I found myself many times over the last year wanting to spend more time on what I felt business owners really needed to grow: Personal and Professional Development Coaching. -Laurel Walther

Because Laurel Walther has spent a good portion of her career in Marketing and earned a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications and since its inception, Lionsmane Coaching has always had a personal and professional development focus.

In our experience, most small business owners decide to go into entrepreneurship because they want to take a hands-on approach to growing their business and that what they were truly hungry for was guidance and accountability as they grew their business in an authentic way.  We believe that a company should never “own its owner” and that the Integrated Health and Wellness focus of Lionsmane Coaching & Consulting is exactly what is needed to help business owners find balance and contented success as they pursue their dreams.

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